Wireless communication

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Wireless operations permit useful services and they are used in telecommunications to transfer information over either short or long distances. Wireless communications can be always available and they deal with digital signals which are less affected than analogue signals. Wireless communication as I said before cover long distances and it’s a markable alternative to normal cabling because no wires are needed and wireless devices are very modern and almost all are portable. Wireless communication use radio frequency to transmit television and radio programmes. Another option can be microwave used to transmit mobile phone calls or infrared for short-range communication used for control device.                              

Answer the following question

1.   What is wireless communication used for?

2.   Why is it convenient?

3.   Why are digital signals better than analogue signals?

4.   What are the advantages of wireless communication over wired communication?

5.   What are radio waves used for?

6.   What happens if two radio stations work with similar frequencies?

7.   What is microwave communication used for?

8.   Give an example of a device which uses infrared communication?